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The Meditation lab:
The 5-week program

Design a custom meditation practice so that you can access inner peace, make better decisions, and live a happy + mindful life. In this 5-week group program, you will develop your own customized meditation practice that FITS your current lifestyle, personality, and schedule. ​​Together, we will explore the science and benefits of mindfulness meditation so that you can begin to make small shifts from a mind-wandering life to a mindfully-aware life.


Together, we will explore the science and benefits of mindfulness meditation so that you can begin to make small shifts from a mind-wandering life to a mindfully-aware life.

Mind-Wandering Life

Unfocused work time, not present with loved ones, ruminating in the past, worried about the future, waking up feeling anxious, making decisions to make others happy, feeling unfulfilled, living on auto-pilot, not finishing tasks, reacting to whatever comes your way.

Mind-Wandering Life

Living in alignment with your values, crafting your time spent, enjoying the present moment, making decisions from a place of inner peace, connected with your intuition and body cues, responding intentionally to situations, full of peace, contentment, and awareness.

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Together, we will:

Design a custom meditation practice that fits meditation into your lifestyle, rather than trying to fit your life into a meditative lifestyle.

Meditate sitting in your car in a parking lot, sipping your morning coffee, in-between meetings or laundry folding, or on a walk through your neighborhood.

Have group accountability, grant yourself grace, and celebrate shared wins.

Spend time curating your inner peace so you can trust yourself to make better decisions.

So that you can:

Live life in (more) peaceful flow.

Make decisions from a place of inner peace and authentic alignment.

Wake up feeling grateful and energized.

Appreciate your unique personality and lifestyle.

Learn the science behind meditation.

Generate in-the-moment presence.

Take radical accountability for your own healing journey.

This program is for you if:

You have a busy life.

Your mind feels scattered and you have a hard time making decisions.

Most mornings, you wake up feeling anxious.

You lean into some areas of wellness but have not nailed a reliable meditation practice.

You have dabbled in meditation apps.

You know meditation is supposed to be “good for you” but you have not made it a consistent priority.



Stay tuned for dates for the next Lab!

Don't Take My Word For It. Take Their's.

"Prior to Hanna's course, the 35-day Meditation Experiment, I had never committed to meditating or been able to successfully set up a consistent meditation practice. It was always something I wanted to do but couldn't find the time for or a way to make it stick. Each week, I looked forward to our class and the opportunity to discuss what worked, what didn't, and to learn more about different types of meditations and ways to approach. Hanna created both a safe and supportive space that gave us all the opportunity to experiment and try out different meditations and techniques to help us establish a practice that worked for each of us. I also LOVED Hanna's live and recorded meditations. Her voice is soothing and put me right at ease."
 - Nataly I.

If you feel curious to step in, 
I am ready to greet you.

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