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Our Programs

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One-On-One Coaching

This coaching program is a high-tough, high-reward experience for individuals moving through a transition period and craving to live from a place of authentic truth rather than a place of “should” or “auto-pilot.” This program is broken down into 3 parts – Soul, Trust, and Ignite. This specific methodology and process allows you to show up and be held, exactly as you are. Hanna will safely move you through each step at a pace that feels aligned with your present-moment self.

Well-Being Workshops

Well-being workshops are designed for corporate teams, sports teams, school staff, private groups, or retreat guests as a safe space to ignite inner wisdom through self-discovery and interactive community connection. Participants leave our workshops feeling grounded to who they are, meaningfully connected to other participants, and equipped with aligned action steps to move forward once they step out of the room.



Retreats fulfill the desire of time and space to reconnect with yourself? Let’s Retreat! During retreats, we focus on well-being from the inside-out. Using different self-care practices and healing modalities, we emphasize: nourishing meals, meaningful connections, body movement, and self-discovery. That looks like slow mornings, daily meditations, local cuisine, free time to explore nature, well-being workshops, lots of laughter, and ample time to rest and recharge the nervous system.

Upcoming Program Dates

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