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Well-being workshops are designed for corporate teams, sports teams, school staff, private groups, or retreat guests as a safe space to ignite inner wisdom through self-discovery and interactive community connection.

The Soul Trust Ignite well-being workshop pillars are – engage, learn, reflect, and act.

All well-being workshops are designed and facilitated with connection at the forefront. Humans are hardwired for connection; however, this can be difficult to achieve in today’s technology-focused society.

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Through an experiential learning methodology...

...meaning that all participants are actively engaged and involved from the beginning to the end, we create an inviting approach to well-being. The integration of authentic well-being takes time and commitment; this is why Soul Trust Ignite will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Participants leave our workshops:

Feeling connected to who they are.

Meaningfully connected to other participants

Equipped with aligned action steps to move forward once they step out of the room.

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Well-being workshops are offered virtually or in-person! 

Companies I have worked with

Don't Take My Word For It. Take Their's.

“This workshop really opened the team up and was a great way to bring the whole group together. My favorite part of the workshop was the ability to interact with the group in a way that didn’t feel forced and was comfortable and getting to know my colleagues on an intimate level.”
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