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Courageously remember who you were born to be.

Connect with your soul, trust your true self, ignite your best life.

This coaching program is a high-tough, high-reward experience for individuals moving through a transition period and craving to live from a place of authentic truth rather than a place of “should” or “auto-pilot.” This program is broken down into 3 parts – Soul, Trust, and Ignite. This specific methodology and process allows you to show up and be held, exactly as you are. Hanna will safely move you through each step at a pace that feels aligned with your present-moment self.


Deconstruct your identity and fall in love with who you were born to be.

As we move through life, it is human nature to adopt certain tendencies or belief systems that have helped us figure out how to “survive,” how to be validated, and how to receive love. In this program, we uncover your subconscious limiting beliefs and lovingly deconstruct old beliefs patterns as we rewire new thought patterns that make you feel vibrant and alive in your own skin. 

Find clarity on your purpose, strengths, and unique gifts. 

Pull back the layers of ego and role identification to reconnect with your truest self.

Discover the limiting beliefs of your “shadow self” that have kept you hidden/playing small up until now.

Learn how to accept yourself for who you are and for your wholeness.


Build a relationship of trust with your true self.

Just like you trust the people in your life who you love the most, we will cultivate self-love so that you trust yourself. When you learn to love and trust the truest version of you, your desires come from a place of self-worth rather than seeking validation or from a place of the ego. 

Understand how the judgements that you have about others are often tied to your own instability, fear, or insecurities. Learn that people and circumstances in your life are your mirror.

Practice rewiring your old self-sabotaging beliefs and learn to trust your new self-serving narrative.

Begin the process of co-conspiring with the universe and see what you believe to be real within your own field of possibilities. 

Trust yourself and your inner wisdom, wholeheartedly, when making small or life-changing decisions.


Take aligned actions that are in harmony with your values.
Live a life you truly cherish.

Aligned action leads to a cherished life when you take motion from your authentic self. There will be moments of joy, moments of pain, and yet, most of your life is lived in the subtle moments in-between the grandiose life-defining moments. Your ignited life welcomes all moments as crucial pieces of your wholeness.

Cultivate inner peace and clarity as you get clear on what you are a “yes” for, and more importantly, what you are a “no” for.

Use your core values as a filtration process and as building blocks to create your ignited life. 

Develop a reflection process that examines how you spend your time and energy.

Manifest your uniquely ignited life from a place of authentic awareness and surrender.

For individuals, if:

You are going through a “transition” period (physically, mentally, or spiritually).

You’re wanting a life where your personality, your desires, and your true essence feel in alignment with who you were made to be.

You feel like you should be happier in your current life. 

You feel like “something” is missing. 

You are unhappy in your job or daily lifestyle.

Self-care feels selfish.

You want to feel more connected with yourself and others.

You feel a heaviness that you cannot seem to shake.

You’re spending your time and your money on things that don’t bring you joy.

You don’t feel like your dreams are possible.

You’d like to adopt some new tools and practices to support your holistic health.

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So that you can: 

Live from a place of inner harmony and embodiment of your true values.

Cultivate your dream life reality from the inside-out.

Prioritize yourself and your needs.

Show up as the best version of yourself for others.

Live in the present moment with mindful awareness.

Develop a healthy awareness of your unconscious belief systems.

Rewire self-sabotaging thoughts into self-serving narratives.

Learn how to manifest whatever it is that you most desire.

If you feel curious to step in, 
I am ready to greet you.

Don't Take My Word For It. Take Their's.

"I am a 44 yr old woman in Montana, director of an independent school, mother, partner, dreamer, etc. I worked with Hanna to level-up into next-step personal and professional goals and accomplishments. Hanna's process allowed me to clearly see what limiting beliefs were holding me back from stepping into my more authentic, powerful, beautiful self-able to realize my goals. Through our sessions, I felt totally accepted to explore my fears and shadow side to untangle, give compassion to myself, and let them go. Hanna is kind, real, powerful, and magnetic. Hanna was a true ally, champion and friend on my team to grow, shine and manifest big goals and dreams through seeing my strength, beauty and Self. I will definitely continue to work with Hanna and have recommended it to my sister and shared insights and growth with best friends!"
 - Emily P.
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