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Welcome to your SoulPrint Intensive

A personal coaching session designed to get clear on who you are from the inside-out. This program will guide you on how to craft goals that resonate with your authentic self and truest desires. We will uncover what truly makes you come alive. Lean into your unique being, infused intention and purpose! 

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In this transformative session, we will:

Uncover your values and intentions - you will discover the core values that drive you and the intentions that shape your life.

Craft Authentic Goals: Learn how to set goals that resonate with your true self and align with your deepest desires.

Identify What Makes You Come Alive: Explore the passions and interests that ignite your spirit and bring you joy.

Lean into Your Unique Being: Embrace your individuality with infused intention and purpose.

What to Expect:

PERSONALIZED COACHING: One-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

INSIGHTFUL EXERCISES: Engaging activities to help you delve deep into your inner world.

ACTIONABLE STEPS: Practical guidance on how to apply your insights to everyday life.

SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT: A safe and nurturing space to explore and express your true self.


For individuals, if:

You are seeking clarity and direction in your personal or professional life.

You want to explore and understand your core values and intentions.

You wish to set meaningful goals that align with your true self.

You are looking to infuse your life with intention and purpose.

You want to discover what truly makes you come alive and brings you joy.

You are committed to your personal development and self-improvement.


How to Get Started

Let's Schedule Your Session!

Don't Take My Word For It. Take Their's.

"I am a 44 yr old woman in Montana, director of an independent school, mother, partner, dreamer, etc. I worked with Hanna to level-up into next-step personal and professional goals and accomplishments. Hanna's process allowed me to clearly see what limiting beliefs were holding me back from stepping into my more authentic, powerful, beautiful self-able to realize my goals. Through our sessions, I felt totally accepted to explore my fears and shadow side to untangle, give compassion to myself, and let them go. Hanna is kind, real, powerful, and magnetic. Hanna was a true ally, champion and friend on my team to grow, shine and manifest big goals and dreams through seeing my strength, beauty and Self. I will definitely continue to work with Hanna and have recommended it to my sister and shared insights and growth with best friends!"
 - Emily P.
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